The Journey

This campaign began on September 19, 2015.
Session summaries will be recorded here for future reference.
Cast of characters can change

This is the story of a group of adventurers.

Our Heros
Vigil, male half-elf, Urban Druid 11 and Veteran (He who walks behind the warbeast), Survivor of the Party Wipe  of Sunday, Octook 22, 3248 , Day 94. He is referred to as the 'Champion of the Talen Regency' by the guard. Cruiser is Vigil's animal companion, heavy horse warbeast, Survivor of the Party Wipe of Sunday, Octook 22, 3248 , Day 94
Ansel, human, Wiz 5/ Eldrich Knight 3/ Abjurant Champion 3, fresh from wandering the Upper Underdark.
Eve, half-celestrial human, Cleric 10 of Pelor, leaves her hospital position with the Sisters of Mercy to follow the Suicide Squad
Rok 'Zod', Athasian human, Ardent 3/Kensai 2/Astral Zealot 3/Sensei 2, fell through a gate... with Vigil.. Doesn't remember everything but those who saved him suffer from the same otherworldly people that his people suffer from. Deuce (L), Stink (S), Nugget (M), Pebble (M) and Squirt (M)
Amber tunnelers - There are 5 of them in various sizes and abilities that Zod is capable of calling
Rakaar, half-minotaur, Paladin 6/Mythic Exemplar 5. From the Church of Pelor, following the other minotaurs' footsteps

Here lies:

male diaboli Ardent
(drug addled philosopher), engulfed by an Amoebic Crawler
Jultran 24, 3248
Here lies:

female tibbit Urban Vindicator (or exotic dancer, you decide), killed by a Share Pain spell as recipient during a Gigantic Skybleeder encounter
Auglah 26, 3248
Here lies:
female half-fey Circle of 8 Red mage, assimilated during a Nightseed encounter
together with

, Zyde's trusty warbeast wasp

Sepian 6, 3248
Here lies:
Aknar's heavy horse, Equis, male warbeast (NPC who works for hay) killed by a Kaortic Hulk
Sepian 11, 3248
Here lies:
Main Tank & Veteran - Aknar, male half-Minotaur paladin (14, to the left, and returned from death by a Kaortic Hulk on Day 57* and died again by a Kaortic Hulk  on Day 61*). He subsequently met final death on day 64* by 1 Colossal and 4 Gargantuan Deep Realm Monstrous Spiders. His body was not recovered.
Sepian 18, 3248
Here lies:
Moxi the Fire Gensi and party wizard also died on day 64* by the same Deep Realm Spiders that killed Aknar. Their bodies were not recovered.
Sepian 18, 3248
* =  After the Great Catastrophe

The Party Wipe was aptly named

Our Heros died at the tentacles and claws of
a Gigantic Skybleeder from the Marrow on Sunday, Octook 22, 3248

The Suicide Squad
Sunday, Octook 22, 3248 , Day 94
Brandy Spryfoot, female Tallfellow Rogue/Mole and Veteran (NPC who works for money, and returned from death by a Living Wall on Day 19*)
Father Erling, male human Cleric of Pelor/Radiant Servant and Veteran (NPC who works for Pelor)
Kaid, male Human Paragon, Erudite, Swiftblade
Bronack, half minotaur male, Paladin of Pelor Stallion, Bronack's Paladin's Mount, Huge horse Warbeast
Deena, female warforge Druid Talon, Deena's Animal Companion, Megaraptor Dinosaur
Honorable Mentions

, male guwaarn Urban Crawler and Group Alpha/Group Beta, his traveling Wasp Swarms (only one at a time) left the party due to Zillabuzz's death.
Vigil sent
Cujo, male warbeast (NPC who worked for doggie biscuits) away and got a new animal companion
Vigil also died during a fight with 1 Cordnugo and 2 Barbed devils in the second level of Ancient Ways on Decical 2, 3248, but was Revivified before the end of the fight.

9/16/15    Get Those Characters done! Placed in the Regency. They got to know each other, hang around in bars, make bawdy jokes and had their first adventure in the dungeon too dangerous for such young students, Dagder's Dungeon! Their first kill was 16 zombies! hooray! Next game is 10/3!!
10/3/15    Running around the 
Dagder's Dungeon! killing a mindflayer, poking mimics! and generally wandering their ways through pit traps. Never so happy but to see a floor to break that fall!  Next game is 10/17!!
10/17/15    The dreaded Adventurer's Disease has stuck down the main tank, but the group brought him back to the tavern and went into 
Dagder's Dungeon without him. They fought worgs and hot salamanders with spears and ogre skeletons and generally laughed a lot. Only got close to death once. Next game is 10/31!! Muuuuhahahahahaaaaaaaa
10/31/15    This time Vigil and Cujo grew ill and Aknar returned to more of
Dagder's Dungeon. The party continued through the dungeon killing kobolds and dire weasels, 3 ogres and an ettercap! After a few more direweasels, Aknar got caught in a forcecage, and the party was condemned to a long... long wait, 26 hours worth which made them... miss Monday classes at the university. Bad Students. They got back in town at 1am, just in time for some to level up and others to wait til next time. Next game is 11/14!
11/14/15    After leveling, the party did some shopping and decided to help Captain Gormsby by solving the mystery of Giebel. Once they dispatched the grisley goblins in the Giebel sewer/stormdrain system, they followed the strange eerie askance to talk to the 3-faced Man in Amber. Once in Amber there was a bard in town, and *he* was the 3-faced man! He proceeded to tell the story of Drestyn and directed the party to the manor. Tune in next time 11/28!
11/28/15    And the party continued through the house went up into the tower where they watched the lord fall to his death. Something holds him to the house and he can't escape. So the party rests for the night. Next game 12/12!
12/12/15    Due to the cold spreading hither and yon, the game is put off until 12/19
12/19/15    And the party picked up where they left off, exploring the east end of the house. Drunk kobolds in the basement! the winery in ruins! oh the humanities. Next game 1/2!!
01/02/16    Picked up on the 2nd floor balconey, went east, cleaned up that area and got discouraged, but THEN! realized they missed something, ran around finding what they missed and moved on. Found a small jade snake figurine that was of powerful evil Necromancy, so they broke it. And Lo, they saved Lord Drestyn from forever being a Restless Spirit. He thanked them for saving him, showed them the secret door in the Library and promptly disappeared from this earth. They sallied forth and found their treasure (with a strange twist, some say from the notorious Binhad family). Next game, 1/16!
01/16/16    Holy moly, it was a busy busy night. Party paid for legal info and decided not to file ownership of the manor. Picked up Erling of Pelor, human cleric. They talked to an Elder council member in Amber, talked to the High Druid of the sect in town. Learned about the Curse of Drestyn and all the awful things that happened. They went back and found the dead squirrel gone, tried to track it down, but it had left the building in the trees. They cleared a couple more rooms and found a Black Candle on a skull and after much ado turned the skull into a globe, crashed the globe and doused the candle in holy water. Went back to town and talked with Sister Dorflum and she was able to destroy the evil necromantic candle and spoke to them about Varae, evil snake cult. Party then went to 
Dagder's Dungeon and picked up Brandy Spryfoot, halfling thief extraordinnaire. They had dinner and went down into the dungeon and got lost for a couple hours wandering the halls and marking them with chalk. Many dead bodies left here, still here.  Next game 1/30!
01/30/16    And so the party almost got their butts handed to them by 4 mindflayer sorcerers. Rockin' 13 round fight in which the party worried muchly about creating another character, with Mind Blasted Aknar and Alley, followed by Charm Monstered Cujo (who turned on his master) and Alley (who healed the mindflayer charmer), and they did commiserate openly about new characters. But lo and behold the heros did rise to the occasion and killed their brain sucking foes. Then promptly went back upstairs to the Dagder Bar so they could buy beer and brag. Next game 2/13!
2/13/16    And they ran around busy busy tonight! Killed a very young red dragon, killed 8 goblins, brought one of them into the fold and kicked a cockatrice! Thief fell down the pit trap and all in all it was a bloody eventful evening! next game 2/27!
2/27/16    And they ran around and around, South South South is the word! Until they couldn't go south no more! Found a nice tidy group of books, killed some hobgoblins and goblins! And it took all of Friday night! next game 3/12!!
3/12/16    And so our intrepid adventurers took their sick companion back to the inn before returning to the dungeon and killing all sorts of things, howlers and cloakers and direwolverines and in the middle of the skeleton fight, we just had to call it a night :D Still I think there'll be leveling after this. Tune in 3/26 when once again they go into the fight.

3/29/16    And so our intrepid adventurers finished off the powerful skeletons, went back to the inn and got... a map to a set of stairs. Down they went! A ghost was theirs! and even though Aknar went down the pit, 3 Minotaurs were had by the party too, while Aknar got himself out. Its' 5:30 p.m. on a Sunday! Tune in next time to hear what the party will do. Next game 4/9
4/9/16    Holy cow, what idiots built this place! Round and round they go, where they end up, they always know. Oh yeah, talk about bad architecture. Fought a creature they'd never seen before, killed a band of wights, lost their thief part of the evening to a Feeblemind they had no way to cure, and brought the bodies of lower classmen out of the dungeon, so after all this they returned home to the Regency only a little late for class. Next game on 4/23, the DMs birthday!
4/23/16    GM's Evil Birthday Surprise! A Great Catastrophe has occurred, as follows:

The Ancients were a creative lot. Most of what they created is gone, but here and there throughout the world there are Ancient ruins and buildings that have withstood the test of time. There are 3 towers in the Talen Regency, which for years gone by have been referred to as the Ancient Towers. They have graced the Regency area with centuries of service as various points of governmental and scholarly pursuits.  Tower One is now City Hall in Posod NW (9), Tower Two is Stuttgart University (15) and Tower Three is Hammerheim University (19).

    Day One     At precisely 10:11 a.m., a sparkling white pyramidal conal aura 250 feet around the base of each Tower goes into effect with a VROOM and is visible to the naked eye. It is not immediately clear what has gone off as no one knew there were any odd things on the towers, but it will be divined that it is a protective coating unknown to present science. No one is hurt by the auras, so business continues as usual and people come and go like tourists to see the new sight. University officials and Regency officials meet to decide what this means and what to do (Investigation #1).  Xhaz throws the epic and much talked about End Of The World party which lasts all night into the following day.

Legend:    Three circles are the Towers. Numbered locations immediate area as follows:
5. Botnang - farming village
9. Posod NW - guild registrys, city hall,  city offices, city services, courts, Council chambers. TOWER ONE
10. Sluttgart Slum - Old Posod, part of the original city, full of ramshackle streets and houses.
11. Degerloch - soldier town, two armories, Degerloch Prison (long-term incarceration)
12. Mohengan - home to the Ancient's Cathedral and graveyard
13. Jumlewang - carpenters/woodworkers, Vigil's home
14. Vahigen - SW barracks
15. University Stuttgart - Campus for melee arts. TOWER TWO
16. Stuttgart SE - market area (crafts) - The Chiselled Effect -- Where Xhaz works
17. Silenbuch - farming village
18. Ridenberg - farming village - Xhaz' rented house
19. University Hammerheim - campus for spellcasters. TOWER THREE
20. Fasanenhof University - campus for powers of the mind
21. Shamhauser Park - home of the Sharhauser Library of Antiquities.
22. Schamhausen - S-central barracks
27. Jhibach - shipwrights
28. Central barracks

    Day Two    The city wakes to terror. The rise of madness in the streets is noticable. The local guard report to the Counsel of the increase in madness. An investigation (Investigation#2) is started and reported to Investigation#1. Mist starts rising.

    Day Three    The Mist (based on D&D 3.5 Fog effects) Whether in the form of a low-lying cloud or a mist rising from the ground, The Mist obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 15 feet. Creatures 15 feet away have concealment (attacks by or against them have a 20% miss chance). While no real answers are forthcoming for Investigation#1 and #2, the Regency Council declares a state of emergency. All residents are advised they should stay in their homes after dark, report any unusual occurrences. A legion of the Regency Army is called out to contain and cleanup the mass insanity. The insane are put in a local prison where there's room for them.

    Day Four    Madness runs wild in the streets. The Army is hard at work rounding up the crazies. People start dying. The Druidic Tabernacle finds evidence of the Periphery and informs the Regency of the interplanar rift.

The dean of the mage university comes out with the historic statement: "It appears that we have a problem of some magnitude here. I request emergency Regency services for the duration of the event. We don't know what it going on, but there is no doubt of its occurrence. Professors of the various universities have gathered with what people they have. Volunteering would be greatly appreciated. Come help us help the Regency."

Using students from the universities, a massive search of the city begins to find the 'edges' of the Periphery (estimated 24 days due to the area of the Regency, but its working from the 'inside out' and will have a delineation covering downtown in just 6 days). They immediately find Periphery evidence in the downtown area. Evacuation begins. Town Criers and Heralds have ceased operation, only the military maintains public communication. By the end of the day, strange creatures are being reported. Gibberling mouthers and brooders are invading the streets in large packs, 'mist spiders' strange looking but medium and large spiders none the less tangle with the army, and other strange, gelatinous and multi-limbed creatures seem to come out of the mist attacking whoever is there. It's learned that sleeping in corrupted areas causes the insanity and that the insanity cannot be removed if the victim remains in the corrupted area. As it is, the insanity proves to be untreatable by convention means.  It is ascertained that The Mist or the discovered Periphery is responsible for the mass insanity. The Sisters of Mercy continue to attempt to treat the ailment, which so far is not responding to treatment.

Periphery (more reality than spawn realm), temperature cooler, DC 10 Wis = indefinable aura of "wrongness" while within the boundary. Sleep in area brings Dream Corruption (see below)

Dream Corruption (Dragon magazine #330, pg. 23) (all areas) -- In the dream, the dreamer finds himself in a uniformed, gelatinous body upon a street filled with recently slain.  The dreamer finds that he is ravenously hungry and unable to stop himself from partaking of the bountiful feast lying unguarded upon the street.  The dreamer uses his newfound body to directly digest 'food' in a horribly external fashion. Sane beings DC14 Will save or go mad. This manifests whenever any intelligent creature sleeps within the area.

    Day Five    The Regency Council declares evacuation of the entire downtown population and subsequent affected areas. Those not in affected areas are allowed to remain. Another legion of the Army is called in to help evacuate people into the northern countrysides where 4 camps are set up to house the population.

The Ancient Cathedral issues the statement that "in a unified effort, we were able to ascertain what occurred was an interdimensional rifting, the cause of which could not be seen, but it was not a natural occurrence. The Towers represent the knowledge of the Ancients that apparently knew about this rift and that is what protects them. There is a party leaving for Sigil to get information from higher sources and in the meantime, we will finish our project."

The public is officially notified not to sleep in infected areas, to follow the orders of the army and relocate immediately. There are creatures in and around the mist with which people are unfamiliar, so reach safety and stay there. Two immense creatures are sighted and fought with by contingents of the army:

One Colossal creature which is being called a Kalca seems shaped like a jelly fish but floats in the sky with clouds that conceal its true size and shape. What is seen is its massive tentacles that curl and swoop down, snatching up and preferring the flesh of horses.

(GM thanks the artist Kalca for such an eyepopping rendition of something terrible in the sky)

A second Colossal creature dubbed the Mist Behemoth apparently has 6 massive multi-jointed trunk-like legs. Most of the bulk of the creature is near the shoulders and head where various lengths and sizes of tentacles curl independently, the whole underside of the creature is covered in large tentacles tipped with claws that reach down.

(GM thanks the movie "The Mist" for this fantastic picture of a Far Realm monster)

    Day Seven    Two citizen camps in the east are moved SE away from a close periphery area. It's discovered that people can sense the Periphery areas by an indefinable sense of "wrongness" while within the boundary, but animals sense it better.

So an action packed evening for the GM's birthday. And there was much groaning and thanking. Happy Birthday to me! Next game 5/7.
5/7/16    And so the party continued through Day 8 to Day 10. First use of the City Map. Slowly between Cerebrosis, Foci and Marrow to Core, they're starting to understand their dimensional predicament. Got some Cranial Encrysters, some Fungal Zombies and the purpose of the phosphorous fungus around the foci structures! Hooray! Brave heros visiting the Marrow have nightmares anyway. The SW Blot shows the corruption delineation in the SW section of the Regency that was completed on Day 10. Next game 5/21! The party discovers a gateway, go into the Marrow and look around. Come back and out and report.

Foci (pillar/pillarlike rocky outcropping/altarlike slab/monolith) goes from periphery to marrow. strange phosphorescent growth visible on the stone.
5/21/16    Day 11 & 12        Announcement is made by the Regency Council: Speaker of the Council Starkad makes his historic contribution: "Citizens, please be advised that this emergency is of such magnitude that the constables and the army can no longer guarantee citizens' safety, despite our best efforts. Consider this situation nothing short of a full-scale invasion. We urge all citizens to arm themselves, and decide whether you will stay or leave. Whatever you do, do it immediately. Report to your local constable if you intend to stay in your homes and secure your property. The real bad news are the other dimensional creatures infiltrating into our territory. They are voracious and have no fear. It appears some may be intelligent, but this is not confirmed. Some of them are colossal, others small and all have appetites. In many cases, the after-effect of some creatures causes our citizens to become something other than what they were. Many lose their minds, but are physically changing into the enemy. It is therefore decided by the Regency Council that compromised individuals can be brought to the Schmiden Free Clinic & Hospital and put under the care of the Sisters of Mercy who have all authority to treat or destroy the compromised individuals. The army and constables are busy cleaning up the insane and killing the intruders.  If you find yourself in a battle area, remove yourself and loved ones immediately. At this time we urge any and all citizens who wish to help the Regency to volunteer for temporary duty in the army, where our efforts can be unified. Otherwise, Destroy All Monsters. May Pelor watch over us all."

The delineation project continues throughout the rest of the Regency. Now that the delination project is complete in the SW, the adventurers decided to roam the SW section in a figure 8 and help the locals. Their first encounter took 13 rounds with the infamous Spawn Spiders and two exploding spider spawns from corpses. After a little first aid, they're recovering as we speak in the First Aid clinic in one of the Towers. Next game 6/4! Exploration of the Foci commences. Swarms! we hate swarms!

Classes are being held in the evening in Tower One where all knowledge is disseminated to teachers only, then on to students who are contributing to the ongoing information gathering. Teachers name this Other Dimension the Spawn Realm. Tests have revealed that this encroaching realm has more in common with oozes than it has with humanoids or indeed reality as we know it. This is what is causing the insanity, since the Spawn is so alien in nature to us. They have named this side affect Dream Corruption, and those affected seem to experience the same things:

Periphery (more reality than spawn realm), temperature cooler, DC 10 Wis = indefinable aura of "wrongness" while within the boundary. Sleep in area brings Dream Corruption (p.23).

Dream Corruption (Dragon magazine #330, pg. 23) (all areas) -- In the dream, the dreamer finds himself in a uniformed, gelatinous body upon a street filled with recently slain.  The dreamer finds that he is ravenously hungry and unable to stop himself from partaking of the bountiful feast lying unguarded upon the street.  The dreamer uses his newfound body to directly digest 'food' in a horribly external fashion. Sane beings DC14 Will save or go mad. This manifests whenever any intelligent creature sleeps within the area

Healing Corruption: Damage cannot be healed naturally while the subject remains in the Periphery. Magical healing will work but only half as well. It is suspected that in the Marrow, this affect will be far worse.

The Mist (based on D&D 3.5 Fog effects)
Whether in the form of a low-lying cloud or a mist rising from the ground, The Mist obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 15 feet. Creatures 15 feet away have concealment (attacks by or against them have a 20% miss chance). The Mist itself has no other magical or inert properties discovered so far. Best guestimate believes The Mist may be a natural side effect of the entire rupture upon our reality, therefore the foggy mist covers all blots and a distance beyond their edges

6/4/16    Day 13    So the adventurers went back to the Mage Tower so that the Urban Druid could train, so they did a little shopping.

The party which left for Sigil on Day 5 has returned from Sigil. The information gleened:

    The other dimension has been sighted before on other worlds and has many names. The other dimension is a base dimension of all creation. To us they're aberations. There are at least two intelligent races among the creatures there. Mindflayers and Kaorti, which are not friendly. This other dimension is so foreign to our own that sleeping and healing within its confines causes mental and physical alterations. This other dimension has no 'leaders' as we know it. There is a spellcasting school of learning called Cerebrancy which governs and focuses the power of the other dimension, which Dean Himolust has remained behind to learn.
    The secondary focus of this invasion are the foci. As many patrols have reported, there are 'constructions' of various types. These allow passage from our reality to the Marrow toward this Other Dimension. Purportedly, these constructions anchor the other dimension into our reality. All of this happens because of the initial rupture. In the next few days experiments will be performed on these foci to determine what will function best to destroy them permanently, as physical force alone only destroys them for 24 hours, after which they reform as if never destroyed.
    It has also been ascertained by a Sigil Seer that this rupture in the Regency does not occur naturally, that someone either accidentally or on purpose caused the rupture by means that are presently unknown to us, but the certainty of a living sacrifice is assumed because that is how such a rupture is created. Reports of the past suggest that practitioners of Cerebrancy can cause such a rupture, but none presently in Sigil knew how to accomplish it. Various relics of great power have been known to cause such occurrences. But the leading cause of such ruptures are Acts of Gods, most particularly Great Old Ones (dead gods for millenia) Aoskar, God of Portals (destroyed by The Lady of Pain), explosions of suns including natural novas (resulting in destruction of multiple worlds) and critical failures of gates, as in Gate spells. While there are weaknesses in the basic structure of the universe, it is unlikely that this is the cause, inasmuch as such occurrences swallow planets whole and to Regency knowledge, this rupture is only one.
    By process of elimination, it must be assumed that a person or persons did such a thing either through Cerebrancy or a relic of great power. Search for the culprit must be made for the same.
So the party rose to Day 14 to another announcement, this time by Acting Captain Gilsboro: Please be advised that the streets are becoming increasingly dangerous by what appears to be spider vermin. Truth be told, they are not vermin, but a deadly variety of aberration. While there seems to be several varieties, truth is they are the same species at different sizes of development and they are always found in groups. The diminuative swarms are the youngest but pack quite a wallop. Fire is suggested. Unprepared individuals should not fight these creatures, as it has been observed that all spider in an area comes to join the fray and its easy to get overwhelmed. Their poison incapacitates and they use their helpless victims to plant eggs in. The hatchlings will kill the host. Some of them are large and even huge, so be aware they are not to be trifled with. If capable, destroy all nests. Burn all bodies."
Then they decided to check the land by the Druidic Tabernacle and the areas still in the Regency beyond the Mist. And the druids enlisted them to take supplies to the Army Headquarters and the party agreed and they were given a wagon of supplies and a huge percheron horse. So they met and defeated some gibberling mouthers, arrived at the Army Headquarters and were given part of the supply route to bring supplies and messages to the Mage University. On the way there, they ran across some huge ooze-ish creature that they still are in the middle of fighting. Next game 6/18!
6/18/16    And so our intrepid adventurers defeated the humongus amoebic crawler and moved on to discover yet more and stranger enemies. Day 15 had general announcements: The Regency extends the state of emergency and closes the border of the Regency. Food and water centers are set up downtown for remaining residents. Half the armies divided up and sent to patrol borders. The other half hunt down critters and kill them on a grid pattern.

Knowledge of the Spawn Realm is now officially part of Knowledge (The Planes) for anyone who attends the evening classes. There are 3 distinct layers to this rift event. We are dealing with the Periphery in the city streets which is more our reality than theirs. The Foci lead to the Marrow of the Spawn Realm influence where its more the Spawn Realm than our own. The third leads from the Marrow to the Core. This is no doubt a single entrance into the Spawn Realm proper according to Sigil sources. It is also believed there is one point where the rift originated.

Sleeping in the Perifphery causes Dream Corruption which drives people mad. It is not always permanent. It's determined that a Lesser Restoration will improve the patient's condition, but that a Restoration cast once a day for three consecutive days will permanently remove the condition.

There are certain spells involving space, conjuring and travel that stand a percentage chance (50%) of not working in the Marrow. It is also believed that the foci are forming because of the rupture and return no matter how they are destroyed. Experimentation reveals the 'structure' may change it's shape, but it still performs the same function in the same place it was originally.

Day 16     Experiments have yielded more information regarding the Spawn realm that are in addition to those already known:

Marrow environmental effects (Dragon magazine #330, pg. 24-26):
There are certain spells involving space, conjuring and travel that will not operate/misfire within the Marrow and stand a percentage chance (50%) of not working in the Marrow. (Home) Marrow can be 20 miles wide once inside (more spawn realm than reality) Center is core, direct channel with the other spawn realm dimension. Also Foci to Periphery.

Tremor -- once per day, DC13 Balance check to avoid falling prone.

Amoebic rain -- All visibility ranges are halved while in the rain, but worse, all creatures (except those native to the real and the marrow) subjected to a -1 penalty on their attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks and skill checks due to the annoying, distracting nature of the viscous, gooey fluid. This fluid dissolves dead organic matter, literally eating it.

Mood Corruption -- Creatures easily aggravated. DC14 Will or feel to end disagreement in decisive manner by attacking those with whom they disagree. for 1d4+1 rounds. Only can happen once per day.

Form Corruption: Damage cannot be healed naturally while the subject is in the Marrow. Magicial healing threatens to corrupt healed flesh when healed in the Marrow. Each HP healed is equal to the percentage chance that the creature's form becomes corrupted. If creature is affected, it is not only healed, but gets new addition to its body at the point where the wound was healed.  The growth organ or limb is entirely useless. Can be removed surgically.

They decided to test their mettle against the Marrow. Multiple snakeheads from their first dharculus and a great time had by all. The plant however, dubbed the blood sipper, was truly ugly disgusting and nary a hitter of pods survived the overwhelming stench of their poppage! and so without further popping of pods, they moved to go home and leave the Marrow behind them. Next game 7/2!

7/2/16    Day 17    The party did another round the blots and came across two Amoebic Crawlers. The encounter was disasterous, ending in the death of Xhaz the Philosopher and Teacher's Assistant at the University of  Hammerheim, famous for his End of the World Party the night before the Great Catastrophe. The rest of the party mourned for 24 hours, each remembering him in their own way. A new morning dawned and they went forth to help the helpless in their struggle to stem the tide of the Spawn Realm's creatures. They took on a family group of gibberlings and destroyed them all. Next game date 7/16.
7/16/16    You can tell summertime is on! Game is cancelled. Next game 7/30
7/30/16    Day 18    And so our intrepid adventurers recovered from the death of Xhas and obtained a new companion named Zyd, and they sallied forth against those stupid Cranial Encyrsters. They then went to Hightower and saw where Zyde lives. (Day 19) The next morning they returned to the Regency, ran across a street child because Esmeralda called for Vigil, and after a cryptic message, they again patrolled the city streets then came across the unbelievably bad Living Wall, which devoured their rogue. And though they mourned her, they decided to band their resources together and obtain a Wish to bring Brandy's body back and then had the church raise her from the dead. And so our adventures poor and without cash now shop a little (very little) before their next battle.
8/13/16    Day 20    The streets of the Regency are filled with danger. Routes being used by the traders and supply lines are patroled regularly with contingents of soldiers. But in the smaller secondary and terciary streets, there lies looting and dying. The party began a quarrel with a few spider-like aberrations only to find that they fight for their lives surrounded by a lair of the dreaded creatures! Fight strong! fight hard! get those swarms down! And so they all are wounded but stalwartly standing firm! (Fight called due to lateness of hour at round 8/init. 11). Next game 8/27 picks up where we left off!
8/27/16    Picked up combat at round 8/init. 11. It went on until round 23/2, where they finally took down the last of the hoard. 2 Huge, 4 large, 6 medium, 8 small, and 10 swarms of these aberrational spiders. Finding a lair full of bodies, which they burned. Fatigued, exhausted and even unconscious, our adventurers limped  their way home and spent 2 days recovering. Next game 9/10!
9/10/16    The Regency forces have essentially stationed themselves around the various blots in order to destroy roaming monsters. A secondary force sweeps through the interior of a blot, destroying any lairs or nests that they find. Volunteer groups usually consist of 4 or more soldiers, a couple spellcasters and any cohorts or animal companions. Spellcasters find Detect Life works well for hidden adversaries. Wagon trains are now prevalent moving from area to area within the Regency.

Still patroling the city on Day 22, killed a fierce Rukanyr and afterwards came across a Creeoth demolishing buildings trying to kill a teenage girl. And they saved the day! hooray! Next game 9/24!
9/24/16    Day 23    The Mage Tower is making a circular sweep around the tower to salvage for suppies.before further fires destroy the buildings. There are a number of fires presently burning in the city, but volunteers are trying to mange them to make them burn out, taking down whole buildings to cut off fuel. There just aren't enough people for water lines nor is it safe to do the same. In conjunction, the army has decided to start setting fire to sections of the city to hopefully burn out the spider hoards They've given the towers two weeks to clear buildings of supplies.

On Day 28, the delination project was finished. The Regency is entirely delineated. All areas of contamination are being monitored by local constabilaries and Army backup. Efforts focus on how to end the disaster. Latest and strangest information, some foci previously identified and marked on maps are drifting 2-3 feet over the course of a month. Whether this effect is consistent has yet to be seen. Some foci don't seem to drift at all. The Thaumaturlogical engineers say the pattern of the Periphery effect gives credence to a possible central location near the Library of Antiquities. Debate ensues.

Day 29 - 37
, the party helped the army screw over the spider aberrations and prepared the way for the fires to come!
The party explored the warehouse district and found a Skybleeder, which they fought, freeing up the area for the army to move in. They later took on a couple of Huge Kaortic hulks which failed to destroy our heros. Dismissal is also discovered as a spell that works well. 

Specifically on Day 30    Its decided that the contents of the Library of Antiquities is too voluminous to move, so an effort to retake the Library of Antiquities for research purposes is now arranged. A contingent of the Army Corp of Engineers will help in fortifying the building against the monsters in the area and build a makeshift fort in the clear area nearby. However it is known that the Library is compromised by the blot there and no one must fall asleep in the area, as there is no protection. The number of insane has slowed to a trickle now that the cause is understood. Day 31    Renewed efforts to clear buildings of usable materials and supplies. The army specifically goes into and along the front of the forest in order to sweep it clear of infestation. Day 37    The army now begins efforts to burn out the spider hoards by means of controlled fires.
Next game 10/8.

Day 38 Save the children. They're running free near the library of antiquities. They run from guards. They are periodically sited, usually inside a building. The multiple fires can be seen from the air (top of towers). Their main tank gone ill, they returned to hear about feral children and went to explore a richer section of town, came across two Mind Flayer emmissaries whom they killed and pillaged! And almost lost their Urban Druid as brain food! But the party prevailed and returned to the tower. Next game 10/22!!
Day 39 And the party came together, and ran into a bunch of amoebic crawlers and did triumph over the nasty oozes! Next game 11/5! Word from the Antiquities Outpost is that research is now ready to continue.
Day 40 Dean Himolust returns from Sigil with the Cerebrancy material. Several colleagues are still searching library material in the Nexus to hopefully find a way to stop the Spawn Realm from becoming a permanent fixture. Its decided that teams will go to known survivors of the realm breach and ascertain how it was accomplished. And so our adventurers hunted down a skybleeder and almost succumbed to its nasty attacks! Then they took on their first Groundfeeder! and lastly took on two Rukanyrs! Next game 11/19!
11/19/16    Day 40 continued: So the party roamed the streets, killed a horrendous dharculus and came upon a spider lair!! Game had to stop at the top of the 5th round. Next game 12/3!
12/3/16            They continued through to the middle of the 12th round before finally decimating the enemy hoard. They also saved 3 citizens they found already infested with larvae. After a good night's rest, they sallied forth into the rising dawn and came across a Skybleeder. Next game 12/17!
12/17/16        Our grand and glorius Christmas lasagna dinner got cancelled due to one player in Massachusetts, another down with the flu and the Minotaur copped out. Next game play date is 12/31, New Years Eve, and not likely to happen, which means the next scheduled date will be 1/14/17. Happy New Years!
12/31/16    Happy New Year! Major party members got sick but Alley and Zyde sallied forth to investigate the anomaly. Next game 1/14/17!!
1/14/17    And so our adventurers sallied forth! and it was nearly a party wipe. Confronting a Gigantic Skybleeder, the initial attack from the creature hit the paladin, grappled him and swallowed him whole. The damage from the said attack killed the urban vindicator, Alley, through the Share Pain spell they had. But the perserverence of the party Tank, Aknar as he gored his way out from inside the Skybleeder 3 rounds after being swallowed, thereby killed said creature. Next game 1/28.
1/28/17    After attending Alley's funeral, they brought into the party Daliah, female half-fey, Circle of 8 (bookworm) and sallied forth to Dagder's to make some magic items. When they returned Captain Hollister had a job for them, so they did go out and hunted down a Huge Ground feeder and there was much rejoicing. They await the Council meeting in 3 days. Next game 2/11!
Day 53 They went out and destroyed an aberration spider lair in a farm field so the planting could resume. The Council meeting did disclose that the Great Catastrophe was initiated by a relic in the basement of the Library of Antiquities by accidental activation of a device that cost the janitor his life. Search for the rift is still ongoing. Next game 2/25!
2/25/17    Still Day 53, they went up against a Nightseed. The new mage and vermin companion both were engulfed and assimilated. The party will probably never talk to me again. They did eventually put the huge beast down, and it is generally agreed WE HATE FAR REALMS CRITTERS! And so tune in next time on 3/11!!
oh my GAWD! I don't know if I can handle the excitement of these 1 am end games. Holy shit. And before our fights, there was a great feast of corn beef and cabbage and peasant bread. AND IT WAS TO DIE FOR! and indeed they did. Day 53 to Day 57: Our intrepid adventurers went to Dagder's and did some item creation, then got back on the road, decimating a Huge Amoebic Crawler. They then went on a second job, and it proved a hard job. We did finish the 1 Gigantic and 1 Huge Kaortic Hulk fight. At the end of all things, Aknar was dead, Aknar's mount is dead, Vigil was down and bleeding to death. Moxie was zotting, Kaid was zapping and between them all, when Erling cast a Poison, Critter failed its save and lost 8 Con. The ensuing poison, disabled it, made it prone, helpless and finally killed it. Day 58: The party then moved on to Bishop Zook of the Pelor faith to True Resurrect the Paladin Aknar, which the Bishop agreed to on this occasion. Tune in next time on 3/25! Have a great St. Patrick's Day!
3/25/17    Day 58 continued and so the killing has ended and the party returned from killing Creeoths and after resting, taking on a Shaboath on Day 59! And treasure was had. Suddently the Sgt. At Arms Finnbogi  isn't such a bad guy after all. Next game 4/8!
4/8/17    Day 59    Aknar got sick so they returned and rested. They then went and investigated a new vermin which they called a Rathid. Day 60 was taken to rest and craft. Day 61 they investigated a major route disturbance which turned out to be a Gargantuan Ground keeper fighting with a Gargantuan Purple Worm. Valiantly they slew the beasties and there was much rejoicing. The first Librum of Capability was found and won by Kaid. Next game is 4/22!
4/22/17    Day 61    Woe is us. What a mess. Aknar has died. The party fought dharculus, cleared out a blood sipper overgrowth, then came across the Kaortic Hulker mount and the two Mindflayer riders. Brandy was stunned by the Mind Blast. Then the Hulk made mince meat of Aknar. Once the mindflayers had fled, the party killed the hulk and lived to tell the tale.
5/6/17    Day 62 & 63    And so our adventurers regathered and went fact searching and problem solving and called forth a creature from beyond who led them to  a lot number in the Library of Antiquities where they have found Planar Tuning Forks. Tune in next time when you can hear the halfling say, "but I don't want to go with a tuning fork! I don't know where its been!" Next game 5/20!
5/20/17    Day 63 & 64   So the party finished up their investigations and late that night sallied forth to explore and tour Esslingen. And so on Day 64 our intrepid adventurers travel into the Marrow! and encounter 4 Gargantuan and 1 Colossal Far Realm Spiders! over 300 points of damage to one and they still haven't killed one! Will our heros live to tell the tale? Will they survive?! It was called for lateness top of the 5th! Next game 6/3!
6/3/17    Day 64    So we picked up top of the 5th and ran into round 32 of one of the longest and nail biting of combats had. Aknar went down in the 7th, got up for more, went down in the 10th and 11th, then died in the 12 round (this was his final battle) and Moxi the fire gensi died in the 17th round and they were the only deaths at the end of the fray. It was an amazing combat, serious buffage, amazing deeds and Kaid led them to victory. The corpses unfortunately were eaten during the combat and True Resurrections cannot be had. Next game 6/17!!
6/17/17    Day 64 continued, and they took Aknar to the Sisters of Mercy, took Moxi to the local cairne house and cremated her. They then went to Dagder's and spent the night, then on Day 65 moved on to Cretan Quarry and back to the Regency. After helping Lava out, they went on to the Mercedes Arena. They found the secret passage into the Cell Blocks of the gladitorial quarters. From point to point they disabled the disk device without much ado and found they went from one to another "B", "C", "D" and "E". Cell Block B had ghouls and ghasts in it, Cell Block D had some sort of brown mold and spores in it, so they ran through, Disabled Device on another disk and came into Cell Block E, which had huge and guarantuan skeletons in it. We had to call it there because of lateness. Next game is 7/1/17!
7/1/17    Day 65 & 66    The party finished its preliminary investigation, reported to Finnbogi, then went to Dagder's to rest and eat, order some magic items, returned to the city and finished up the Arena using the 4 keys they had found earlier. Then they discovered they were spreading the brown mold. Cellblock E, F, the barracks adn officer quarters all followed the room with brown mold and sure enough ti was everywhere they had gone. They were spreaders of plague. Next game 7/15!!
7/15/17    Day 65 through Day 69    They had to clean up the mold mess, and that took them 3 days. They then went to Dagder's, picked up their magic items and wemt merrily went to get into trouble. After hearing the news from the Heros of the Scarlet Dawn, they went to investigate and site and found an Ooze. After dispatching it, instead of following advice of experienced heros, decided to go back into the Marrow anyway and immediately were set upon by a troop of 6 Kaortic fighters, 2 sorcerers, 1 rogue and their mount, the Kaortic Hulk, who took down their dinosaur druid to negative hit points! and we called it there top of the 4th. Next game 7/29!
7/29/17    Still
Day 69 at the top of the 4th round our intrepid adventurers braved the Kaortic squad of 7 fighters, 1 rogue, 2 sorcerers and the Kaortic Hulk mount! It was gnashing of teeth and by the skin of, but at the end of the day (and the 11th round) they were victorious. They gathered all ill-booten gottie and are home rich, fat and happy in Tower Two. Next game 8/12/17!
Day 70    Killed a couple ground feeders on the trade route and they went back to the Marrow (say it ain't so!) to confront some Mass of Tentacles that at one time had 3 party members it it's tentacles. They survived to let the Druid speak to the Marrow City, whereupon they reported to the Tower One authorities and moved on to level and get/make magic items at Dagder's! Next game 8/26!
8/26/17    Day 70    And so a great vacation was had by the party with 12 days at Dagder's and much money spent on New Things. Yum. Back into the Marrow on Monday, Octook 9, 3248, Day 82, they ran across the GelatinousMass with Outrageous Hit Points and after weary arms at the bottom of the 6th, it finally fell. Next game 9/9!

9/9/17    Day 82    They decided to rest at Dagder's, go back to the Regency on the morrow. Day 83    They browsed the Gift Shoppe, stopped by Tower One and Tower Two before running to Lava's store before heading back to the Marrow. Their adventure this time was not the Arena but the Archives. They wandered the Honeycomb cells and the Crypts of the Centuries. They went down the cistern to the sublevel  of the Storage  House where they wandered many hours until the Urban druid did a locate object on a Down Passage. It was there they found the worm holes down. Following one, it emptied out on more to the Hall of the Mages and a door to Endless Horizon. descent to an underground cave system. Another divination on Day 84 and they found  a door in one of the caves. Upon opening it, they hear Melindril behind them. They all retired to his Magnificent Mansion for talks. Next game 9/23!
9/23/17    In continuation, they rested to Day 85, had Erling put a metamagick'd Death Ward on the wizard, then waited for him to return, which was about 24 hours.  They decided to go to Tower Two where Melindril requested a cleric of meta magic persuasion to accompany him back to the Core where research could be had. Sister Hevon, female elf Clr17 of the Sisters of Mercy volunteered to do this for the cause and with the party, returned to the Endless Caverns. Melindril put up his mansion and went right to work. The party encountered 3 huge amoebic crawlers that they vanquished and decided to leave to Tower Two for further adventure. They rested  into Day 86 and encountered a ruckanyr in the Periphery. Next game 10/7!
10/7/17    Picking up their paladin & mount, they went back to Dagder's on Day 87 and had a supper that couldn't be beat and learned the latest undergrad news. They then decided to take supplies to Melandril & Sister Hevon while they worked on closing the door. So after grappling with a Mass of Tentacles and getting cloudkilled by a Skybleeder, the party trudges through the Marrow to bring supplies to Melandril & Sister Hevon. Next game 10/21!!
10/21/17    And so our intrepid adventurers sallied forth into the mountains to discover who had gotten killed and why. They came upon a crypt and there found Guardians of the Tombs, apparent astral constructs, who made cuisinart of Rapz, nearly killed two party members and generally were mostly pains in the ass in an otherwise puzzle box structure on Day 88. Tune in next time to discover if they find any treasure, any treasure at all!! Next game 11/4!
11/4/17    And so they figured out the dungeon crypt on Day 89. On Day 89, they partook and gave away some relics and artifacts of legend to the Pelor church. Next game 11/18!
11/18/17    On Day 90, they visited all the main powers in the city and on Day 91 ran across a Kaortic Hulk that they dispatched. They agreed to do a seminar at Tower Two then took a bag of holding to bring to Melindril in the Marrow. They encountered a Dharculus, which they defeated with great effort and blood spilling, Bronack lost his paladin's mount. Next game 12/2!
12/2/17    And so on Day 91, our intrepid adventurers braved the Marrow, finding their way through the treacherous territory and  confronting a Dharculus and taking down a Huge Amoebic crawler. Next game is 12/16! Be ready for Christmas dinner!
12/16/17    And so on Day 92, our intrepid adventurers  overcame the Living Wall and destroyed the massive Mass of Tentacles, they finally found Melandril and Sister Hevon in their magic mansion and on Day 93, they settled down for a long winters nap. At midnight on Day 94, a long ritual was had to complete Melindril's ritual. Great food and time had by all! Merry Christmas folks! Next game 12/30!
12/30/17    And so on Day 94... after 15 rounds of intensive fighting and dying, the Gigantic Skybleeder in the Marrow did an entire party kill. Been a long time since I've done that. Vigil's situation is better. Being sick, he was left with his horse in the mansion, since certain death awaited those outside. And sure enough, the party was destroyed. The Far Realm had devoured them.  Melindril's ritual was successful, but it cost him his life. Sister Hevon saw him dissolve the doorway and the Core slowly close. From that moment on,  it was a rush. Sister Hevon ran back to the mansion, got Vigil and Cruiser out of the disappearing mansion. She came upon the terrible scene of carnage where the party met its end, but was unable to find anything to salvage. The heroes are dead. Being able, Sister Hevon used a Word of Recall and brought Vigil back to the Regency.  Next game 1/13! see you then and Happy New Year.
1/3/18   Sister Hevon returned from the Marrow dragging along the stranger who fell through the gate and an unconscious Vigil to safety on Day 95. Once word of the party's demise had spread through the Regency, on Day 101, three strangers gathered in Schermerhorn Hospital to be in vigil over Vigil. And so our non-adventurers became adventurers, all waiting for the unconscious Vigil to regain himself. They eventually sallied forth, killed a Mass of Tentacles and a Shaboath! Tune in next time when the party gathers on 1/27!
1/27/18    The party came together in late afternoon when Vigil regained consciousness. and on the next morning, the Heralds made proclamation:

Announcement made by the Head Master Sage Thamiel, at the Libraries of the Antiquities, the Sages state as follows:

Please be advised that the Catastrophe is over.  What was started is now stopped. It is by the aid of the Gods that all information to some degree has been confirmed, but the residents of the Talen Regency will hear what occurred that fateful day of Monday, Jultran 9, 3248, when the Catastrophe started at 10:11 a.m.

That which caused all our sorrow was actually named the Eyes of the Beginning, a device created by a group of Ancient Time mages who hoped to find the beginning of the universe. Instead they found the Spawn Realm. The relic itself is a platinium scrolled holder of something not a palantyr but based on the same sort of technology resembling a clear crystal drop of water sitting in a silver nest, 12" X 12" X 12". According to several sources, most of the creators of this item went mad or became part of the other Realm when the device was first used.  After their disaster, it was taken into custody by members of the Kor el Lei order and when it was discovered the item could not be destroyed, a title was created and the item was passed down generation to generation to protect it from ever being used again. There are reports of various detections used upon the device by successive generations, but true to its relic stature, it could not be identified. Though there is no proof, it is believed that the last of the guardians met his doom and left the contraption in his effects. In accordance with the will, the contraption was eventually placed in the custody of the Kor el Lei Archive Guardians. This organization at the time had many offices around the systems, including in Sigil and were the builders of the Library of Antiquities. The device was promptly cataloged, put into storage and knowledge of it lost. As fate would have it, a nearby star cluster's black hole burst into a grand explosion, affecting all the nearby star systems of which this land is a part, and is referred to in our Histories as The Near Extinction (when most of all life was destroyed by the star's explosion). When the civilization that once lived here ceased to be, they left many buildings, some refound and inherited 3 centuries ago with the founding of local towns which make up the present day Talen Regency. The Archives was not reopened until 2 centuries ago with the founding of the present university system.

On the day in question, it is believed that  Mr. Jacob Winkler, cleaning man for the Library of Antiquities, was busy cleaning the basement where old boxes have sat in storage for years and years, as long as anyone can remember. As are his duties, he cleans the basement. When he gets to the storage area, he moves the boxes, cleans an area and puts the boxes back, one section after another. It has been confirmed that he dropped the box with the relic in it and the relic for reasons unknown immediately started to work, sucking Mr. Winkler's body into the formation of the Core. Mr. Winkler is no more, may the Gods have mercy on his soul. With the instantaneous formation of the Core, it explodes with no apparent effect into the Prime Material, spewing Foci seeds in all directions. The Periphery expanded from that explosion and attached to the already 'planted' Foci. Recognizing a danger for which they were created, The Three Towers' protections go off. The rest is known by the remaining residents.

Be it known that the following people were instrumental in finding, recovering and putting together the pieces of this puzzle that should take credit along with the Sharhauser Library of Antiquities: a group of graduates with members Vigil, Kaid, Deena, Brandy Spryfoot, Father Erling of the Ancients Cathedral, church of Pelor and Paladin of Pelor Bronak (a/k/a Suicide Squad)

In addition, Melindril, High Archmage of Vil, gave his life to destroy the doorway that allowed the atrocities into our world. The door is permanently destroyed. We owe all these people a deep debt of gratitude.

Also a declaration by the Regency Government:

The Council reports that indeed the doorway is closed. There is no longer direct access to the other realm. Foci can be destroyed and stay destroyed. The pollution of the Far Realm has left its mark. The Druidic Tabernacle has assured that the dimensions of the Catastrophe has not grown outward. It is agreed all creatures from the other realm must be found and destroyed. If you find Foci, destroy them. Go nowhere alone. Creatures of great girth and power still roam the area. Be alert. We are still under martial law. Citizens are urged to sign in at City Hall to secure their property holdings. Auctions for the same shall commence next year.

And so our intrepid adventurers sallied forth, reformed the party, killed 2 dharculus and 6 swarms of cranial encysters!! And there was much rejoicing! Next game 2/10!


2/10/18    Game cancelled due to terrible terrible flu bug!

2/24/18    So we did sally forth and visit many peoples from Dagders to the Sisters of Mercy and even the Bishop! They also visited Finnbogi and wandered the streets, destroyed some Foci, killed 4 Ruckanyr. Sought out Esmeralda and took her to Mercedes so that she might make magical keys to open the Mercedes slave pens. They went to Amber to search for birds. Checked on  the destroyed foci to make SURE they were gone and in the process ran across a Deep Spawn Kaortic Hulk, which they dispatched! And there was much rejoicing.

Next game is our annual St. Patrick's Day feast with gaming on 3/10! See you then!
3/10/18    And there was cornbeef brisket and cabbage with veggies and there was much rejoicing. Our heros lumbered through the  dharculus and almost lost their teammate minotaur to the gargantuan ground feeder that swallowed him whole.
And there was much lamenting. But they did prevail! There's also much doubt that Vigil will ever get use to the local soldiers making a big deal about him with their "All hail the Champion of the Regency!" So some relaxation at the Ancient Cathedral and on to better things next time on 3/24!
3/24/18    And so our intrepid adventures went to destroy foci, encountered 6 mobs of fungal zombies, found and destroyed a second foci and took on a Nightseed where they managed to live through the skin of their teeth! Good show! Next game 4/7!
4/7/18      And so our intrepid adventurers did sally forth and defeat a Gargantuan Mass of Tentacles then later took down a Huge and Large Ruckanyr. And the streets of the Regency are safer. So pleased with their day of Foci destruction, they went to Dagder's to place orders at the shoppe and to pass a leisurely night in great food and service.

4/21/18    After a great night at Dagders, the party sallies forth into the rugged mountains. After 6 days, they find the road to the cathedral and arrive there in the afternoon. Searching aerially, they eventually found the courtyard and the blocked stairway. After clearing the stairwell, with an immense rampway, large rooms like circular turnabouts are strewn with rotted carts. They arrived at the Crescent Mountain Ancient Way. They eventually found the entrance to the habitation, and started finding doors to the left and right. One door they were able to open had a huge room, where they took refuge for the night. Next game 5/5!
5/5/18    And our intrepid adventurers sallied forth slaying the dreaded 12 headed hydra, decimated (and got decimated by) 2 frost worms and taking out two 12th level tiefling rogues.  Next game 5/17
5/19/18    And so our intrepid adventurers sallied forth decimating 6 destrachans in one encounter, 3 nighthags and 3 nightmares in another!
And there was great loot and much rejoicing! Next game 6/2! I'll update the Hall of the Faithful map tomorrow.
6/2/18    And so the mighty adventurers did slay a death slaad and a green slaad, then later took on 4 ogres, then later still took on 5 aboleths, and even later still took on 5 rogue bugbears! And sallied forth through the Halls of the Faithful! And there was much rejoicing! Next game is 6/16!
6/16/18    And so 2 members fell ill and 2 others sallied forth! They solved the riddle of the Halls of the Faithful then went back upstairs and took down an old white dragon, 4 efreeti genies, and 2 stone golems and there was much rejoicing.  Next game 6/30!
6/30/18    And so our intrepid adventurers returned to
Crescent Mountain Ancient Way and sallied forth destroying a hill giant, 1 annis hag,1 sea hag, 1 green hag and 9 Ogres, then in another room there were 8 chain guys (Kyton devils) and in the final room, 2 red lizards (2 salamander nobles) and 4 huge monsterous scorpions. Sorely burned at the last, they called it a night and rested. And there was much rejoicing.
7/14/18    So our intrepid adventurers began this evening's adventure by defeating 1 colossal cupboard, 2 large sofas, 3 huge chairs and 4 medium end tables! Moving on they took out 6 umber hulks, then sallied forth walk into a chain lightning trap, then ended the evening with 2 Yrthaks! And there was much tired rejoicing!  Next game 7/28! See you then!

7/28/18    And so our adventurers took on the 10 headed hydra, then further vanquished the 2 frost giants and 4 winter wolves, and there was much rejoicing! Next game is 8/11!
8/11/18    And so our intrepid adventurers discovered the Workshop, discovered the Mines, found a collapsed staircase, killed an old white dragon, a 12 headed hydra (half-far spawn), and a young blue dragon. Next game 8/25!
8/25/18    And so our intrepid adventurers defeated a devourer, 6 Bodaks, and venturered into the broken Lower City where they came across a cloud giant and 6 dire lions. And they haven't even had lunch yet!  Next game 9/8!
9/8/18    Returning to Dagder's, the local students rallied to form the Suicide Squad Auxilliary (an adventurers guild in the heros' name). Then into the lower bowels of the Ancient Way, amidst the crumbling remains of all that is broken, the party encountered a dozen fire salamanders, then later found 4 Morghs. Much treasure was found and there was much rejoicing.
9/22/18    And so after defeating a 10 headed hydra and some formian ants, the party encountered a demon who called a couple more demons that are putting up the good fight that had to be called top of the 5th. So that is where we'll pick up next time on 10/6!!
10/6/18    And so our intrepid adventurers has run across two separate rooms of devils, a half equipped group of orcs and wandered searching the fractured remains of the lower halls in the Ancient ways. Game was stopped 8th initiative of the first round in Room #14. Next game 10/20! Hope to see you then to pick up where we left off!

10/20/18    And so our adventurers had 1 party death and 1 near death to eventually beat the 3 nasty devils , searched out some hallway, fractures and cracks, and took on 12 Ettins! and there was much rejoicing.  Next game is 11/3!
11/3/18    The main tank became ill so they took him to Dagder's clinic and returned to Ancient Ways lower level and there met a copper dragon who showed them the way 'to the Great Below'. With such info in hand, they returned to Dagders & the Regency to let folks know they were in pursuit of where the many devils have come from. Once done, they went the next day and pursued the downstairs and came into an ancient dwarven city. There they met their first Skaven and were given permission to explore as long as they don't kill Skaven. And so with Scritcher a Skaven thief in hand, they went north higher up in the mountain to find the King's Armoury and the Temple of Grungni (an Ancient Dwarven Ancestor god), guarded by powerful dwarven warrior skeletons. And there was much loot to be had. They then returned to Dagders for a long needed rest. Next game 11/17!
11/17/18    And so after much doing business at Dagders and in the Regency, the adventurers finally made it back to the Underground Kingdom where they finally met their first group of devils and were victorious. Next game 12/1!
12/1/18    And so our intrepid adventurers fought valiant and boldly against 1 Pit fiend, 1 barbed devil, 4 bearded Barbazuh, 4 chained Kyton, and 10 imps in the Great Mines AND lived to tell about it. All hail the valiant! Next game 12/15!
12/15/18    And so after leaving the Great Mines, traveling through the debris of the Grey Forge and heading up into a Carved Tomb, they encountered 10 dwarven skeleton warriors. They investigated the tomb and as they were deeply discussing what Commune questions they should ask, devils appeared. Altogether, they encountered 1 Osyluth bone devil, 1 Hamatula Barbed devil, 2 Cornugon Horned deviles, 3 Erinyes and two Kyton Chain devils, they fought the night away in 13 rounds of combat that left the party victorious! Next game is 12/29!
12/29/18    Continuing their survey o the Carved Tomb, again they were interrupted by 2 Ice devils and 2 horned devils, but were successful in defeating them. They then Communed and Spoke with Stone and learned about the Guardian of the Gates, petitioned the lord with prayer and made appropriate sacrifices. In return they gained relics of the age held for the future. And there was much rejoicing. Next game in the new year! 1/12/19!! Happy New Years! While this group is generally Pelor-based, these are the relics they acquired:

The Cleric of Pelor received the following:

Scintillating Wrap

Body Slot: Body
Aura: Strong; (DC 25) evocation
Activation: Swift (command) or Standard (command)
Weight: 1lb

This golden silk robe is embroidered with adamantine thread in an elegant sunshine pattern.

A holy vestment grants a +2 Sacred bonus to your Armor Class. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.

The relic power will allow the cleric wearing it to convert a prepared divine spells into any spell from your Deities (chosen or primary) Domain. You expend a spell of equal or higher level, just as good clerics spontaneously cast prepared spells as cure spells. This ability works 3/day.

In addition, when you cast a domain spell from the Healing domain, that spell is affected as though by the Empower Spell feat. This spell does not use up a higher-level slot.

Finally, once per day, you can command it to create a shimmering blade barrier as a ringed wall of whirling sunray-like blades only (20 feet high, up to 90 feet in diameter, centered on your current location). This effect lasts for 18 minutes or until dismissed as a standard action. As long as you wear the vestment, you can pass through your barrier without harm, though you receive no such protection against any other blade barrier. The damage from this particular blade barrier is considered Holy.

Source: Homebrew
The Martial Arttist received:

Visage of Pai Mei

Body Slot: Face
Aura: Stong; (DC 25) tansmutation
Activation: Swift (command)
Weight: -

This piece of clothe appears and is about the size of a large dark rust handkerchief. It holds no magical auras. On one corner is a neutral symbol used by martial artists.

This is a relic of a long ago hero lost in the annals of time. He was a great martial artist and highly skilled.

After a ritual in which participant's sear your body with scalding water, you can now hold special magical abilities.

This enables a character to add-or have someone else add-on an enhancement bonus or a special ability (Weapon or Armor Special Abilities) to their body. She must add the bonus or abilities normally, such as by enlisting the aid of someone with the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, who pays the gold and XP Costs, and so on. These bonuses and abilities can be suppressed, but not permanently dispelled. Obviously, some special abilities, such as dancing, cannot apply to you. The feat is used to modify unarmed attacks with natural weapons such as claws or a bite attack. Characters with more than one unarmed or natural attack need not take this feat multiple times.

Once the power is unlocked, it is permanent as long as the relic is still in one piece and the shroud worn at least periodically. If for some reason the item gets destroyed or stolen, it's power leaves with it.

In conjunction with its main power, as a swift action, you can opt for your unarmed strikes to deal your choice of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. Once you make this choice, your unarmed strikes continue to deal the chosen damage type until you use another swift action to change it.  This ability functions 3/day, refreshing itself every dawn.

Finally, the wearer is immune to damage done when striking an opponent, whether this damage is from a natural defensive ability, or active effect of some sort (such as a fire shield, etc.). This is a constant effect.

Source: Homebrew
The Urban Druid received:

Shroud of the City

Body Slot: Body
Aura: Strong; (DC 25) abjuration, evocation
Activation: Swift (command) or Standard (command)
Weight: 1lb

The coal-colored cloth of this robe is decorated with ivory-stitched runes. The runes run around the bottom and up the length of the garment in meandering lines, and are a mixture of arcane formulas and praises to man written in Ancient Common. The folds of the cloth ripple and shift while worn, giving the appearance of walking down city streets if stared at. The robe emits a faint odor of cut stone, and a gentle warmth surrounds it.

You are granted Blindsense out to 60 feet and Endure Elements as continuous effects. The robe also confirs Damage Resistance 3/-.

Once per day, the robe can be activated as a swift (command) action causing three stone orbs, each about 6 inches in diameter, to spring from the sleeves. They circle slowly around your body at waist height as long as the robe remains active, but don't interfere with your actions in any way.

Once per round, you can send one of the stone orbs streaking toward a single enemy within 60 feet as a ranged touch attack, which is a standard (command) action. Failure means the orb misses and explodes harmlessly in a shower of pebbles and dirt. Success means it explodes in a 5-foot radius burst around the target, dealing 8d8 points of damage and leaving affected creatures Shaken for 1 round (Reflex DC 20 negates the Shaken condition).

Source: Homebrew
The Abjurant Champion/Wizard received:

Battle Mage's Mantle

Body Slot: Body
Aura: Strong; (DC 25) abjuration, conjuration
Activation: Standard (command)
Weight: 1lb

Mystical sigils line the hems of this bulky, thick-shouldered robe. Minuscule gems adorn the cuffs, collar, and hems.

A robe of arcane might grants you a +6 armor bonus to AC, DR 2/-, and a Resistance to Acid/Fire/Cold/Acid of 5. The robe is capable of holding Armor Enhancements as any normal armor could. It, however, obviously carries no dexterity maximum, check penalty or spell failure.

Each robe is also attuned to one of the eight schools of magic (in this case Evocation), chosen during creation (and identifiable with a successful DC 20 Spellcraft check). When casting a spell from that school, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level.

In addition, 3/day, you can teleport (with no chance of error) to any location within 60 feet, as long as you have both line of sight and line of effect to that destination.

You can't use the shirt to move into a space occupied by another creature, nor can you teleport into a solid object; if you attempt to do so, the shirt's activation is wasted. You can bring along objects weighing up to your maximum load, but you can't bring another creature with you.

Source: Homebrew
The Paladin of Pelor received:

Kerang's Remorse

Aura: Stong; (DC 25) illusion, necromancy, and transmutation
Weight: 25lb

A gift of Kerang, demigod of war, this rod sometimes temporarily finds its way into the hands of mortals.

An ebony rod adorned with a twisted mass of blades and spikes. This large +3 four-headed heavy weapon deals both slashing and piercing damage to any foe it strikes.

Also as soon as an opponent has successfully dealt damage to the wielder, the ebon rod instantly acquires the Bane Weapon ability, with its power focused on the type of the creature in question.

Thus, if a giant dealt even a single point of damage to the rod's wielder, the ebon rod would instantly acquire the giant bane ability for all future attacks at that giant.

The weapon remembers all those who have struck its wielder and will instantly shift to whatever type of bane ability is required to match a given attacker.

As a side effect, the wielder of Kerang's Remorse is immune to any Bane based damage and gains a +2 Morale bonus to Armor Class.

The ebon rod can never be pulled from its wielder's hand without permission (making the wielder immune to attempts to disarm him of the ebon rod), until and unless the wielder's hand is cold and dead.

Any enemy of the owner's who picks up the weapon immediately becomes the target of a Phantasmal Killer spell (DC 20 + owner's Cha modifier). Any attempt to destroy the Kerang's Remorse causes it to teleport instantly to Kerang, while the person attempting to destroy it receives all the damage dealt to the ebon rod in its place.

Source: Homebrew

1/12/19    And so they returned to the Tomb and destroyed the Brazier and the room collapsed. They moved on through several areas and ended up in a room where the undead warriors would not stay dead! Once upon a time in Amber, some snake cult was able to restore undead skeletons to a particular room in a particular mansion. And on this premise did the snake cult also equip this room with endless warriors for intruders to fight. And on, and on, and on.... We'll finish off this terrible regenerating room next time on 1/26!

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