This adventure begins in Amber to the north outside of the Regency.

Drestyn Manor

Points of Interest:
Main Map
Beginning and journey to Amber
The Manor:
    Entrance Hall
    Dining Hall
    Tower Landing
    Tower, 3rd floor
    Tower roof
    Manor, 2nd floor
    Manor, Secret Area

    This adventure actually begins in the Regency where they were given strange and incomprehensible messages from powers unknown that they should talk to the Three-faced Man in Amber.  Once the party ascertained where this was, they went there and frequented the Pixie & Dixie Inn where they had dinner and watched the floor show. This is where they found the Three-faced Man, who was a bard who told them the story of Lord Drestyn as follows:

   "Amber was once a prospering village.  That was during the era of
Lord Drestyn, a wealthy nobleman.  He owned a large mansion just a few
miles from here.  His nightly feasts and parties brought nobles and other
guests from far across the land."

   "As time passed, however, fewer and fewer guests arrived.  Several vowed
never to return, speaking badly of Lord Drestyn and his feasts.  As the
visitors dwindled, so did the prosperity of Amber.  Then the crops failed
and a plague of snakes swept across the nearby farms.  A former servant at
the manor revealed that Lord Drestyn had made a pact with a demon or some
foul creature which had brought the curse upon the village.  Finally, one
fateful night, in a fit of rage, the evil Lord Drestyn killed all of his
servants and himself."

   "That was twenty years ago..."  (dramatic pause)

   "Since then, many have talked of Lord Drestyn's treasure, but few have
dared to enter the mansion.  From outside, some claim to have seen strange
sights moving within.  Those brave enough to enter say the manor is haunted
by restless spirits.  A few even swear they have faced the ghost of the
dead Lord Drestyn!"

They then made the trip from Amber 8 miles to the manor. Their progress in the manor is as follows:

Entrance Hall (3):

*** Begin Phantasm ***

As the characters enter, they are amazed to see that the room is fully

intact.  Beautiful tapestries hang on the walls and from balconies above.
This is a large entry chamber with double doors leading in all 4 directions,
and another single door on the west wall.  At the north end twin stairways
lead to a 2nd story balcony.

Just after they enter the room, the double doors to the west burst open and
a man in plain clothes runs through and exits through the double doors to east.
Close behind him another man with hate-filled eyes wearing a black cape chases
after him swinging a long sword.  As the 2nd man passes through the east doors
the image dissolves.

*** End Phantasm ***

Dining Hall (4)
*** Begin Phantasm ***

The party enters an elegant dining hall filled with several long tables
surrounded by chairs.  At the north end there is a raised platform with a
single throne on it.  On the south end there are a pair of empty fireplaces.
Banners and tapestries hang on the walls and from a balcony above.  There
are three single doors on the east wall, and there is a single and a double
door on the west wall.
Two men fight and weave between tables.  The one in plain clothes is not
fairing too well with his daggers, and is he clearly trying to escape.
The other man in a black cape clearly has the advantage in the fight.  He
shouts at the other man, "You betrayed me!", and then he lunges toward the
other man.  In the nick of time, the other man pulls a chair back to block
the sword and then runs through the north-most door on the east wall.  The
man in black kicks the chair away and then pursues his quarry.

*** End Phantasm ***

Kitchen (7)

*** Begin Phantasm 1 ***

The party enters a kitchen.  Two large fire pits are lit, and kettles above
them are bubbling fiercely, producing a large amount of steam.  In a small
alcove to the left, 2 bodies lie face down and motionless.  Each is dressed
in white, and each has a bloodstained dagger protruding from their back.
Lying along the right wall are several paintings and sculptures.  A door
along the east wall is open letting the night breeze in.  In the twilight,
it appears that a partially loaded cart and team of horses rests just outside.

As the party looks around, a man in plain clothes jumps up from behind a
counter and throws a dagger at a random party member.  The image dissolves...

*** End Phantasm 1 ***

BUT the blade is real and the party had to destroy the phantasm! Which they did, and they got this:

*** Begin Phantasm 2 ***

The man in black bends over the motionless man in plain clothing, and then
pulls his sword from the dead man's chest.  He looks briefly toward the
pile of artworks, and then turns and walks over toward the two bodies in
the alcove.  He turns one of them over slightly, looking at the female
face.  Tears well in his eyes.

A voice outside the open door shouts, "Hurry it up, we can't wait all night."
As the man in black looks up another man in dark green robes patterned with
multicolored serpents steps through the open doorway.  "So we meet at last,
Lord Drestyn.  I see you've met my servants.  Pity they were such weaklings."

"Who are you!," demands Lord Drestyn, lifting his sword toward the robed

"Let me show you," laughs the robed man.  With a wave of his hands, the room
is suddenly filled with snakes.  Even the sword that Lord Drestyn was holding
changes into a serpent which twists and bites at his hand.  Drestyn drops
the snake, and runs out the west door.  The robed man pursues him holding a
small green snake.

*** End Phantasm 2 ***

The party follows in hot pursuit but they disappear, so they go westward in the house, looking for clues.

Library (10)

*** Begin Phantasm ***

This appears to be a library.  Splendid tapestries hang on the walls and
several beautiful sculptures decorate the room.  On the East wall next to
the double doors, there is a portrait of a stately middle-aged man (the
man in the black cape, Lord Drestyn).  Hanging on the walls to the left and
right of the fireplace are a matching set of shields and crossed swords &
scabbards.  A suit of armor is mounted along the west wall.  The north side
of the room is filled with bookshelves.

Several of the paintings in this room are missing as evidenced by the
discoloration on the walls, and a few lie on floor leaning up against the
wall by the east doors.  Two men in plain clothing enter from the west arched
opening, carrying a box.  As they reach the middle of the room, another man
in a black cape enters through the west door.  When the two men see him, they
drop the box.  One pulls a knife, while the other runs out the east doors.
In a single stroke, the man in black fells the knife-wielding man, and
proceeds to follow the other man out the door.

*** End Phantasm ***

The party fights its way up the stairs to the top of the tower.

Tower Landing (28)

*** Begin Phantasm ***

A man in a black cape runs up the stairs, occasionally looking back.  A
number of snakes chase after him.

*** End Phantasm ***

The party follows in hot pursuit!

Tower, Third Floor (35) (Not pictured on map)

*** Begin Phantasm ***

A man in a black cape reaches the top of the stairs and turns to the right.
Hanging on the wall are 2 heavy crossbows.  He takes one down, and begins
to cock it, but the snakes pursuing him up the stairs are too close. In
desperation he throws the crossbow at the snakes and scrambles up the ladder
in the middle of the room.  He removes the iron securing bar, pushes up the
trap door, and climbs out.  The trapdoor closes and the image fades...

*** End Phantasm ***

The party continues to follow in hot pursuit!

Tower, Roof (36) (Not pictured on map)

*** Begin Phantasm ***

A man in a black cape closes the trapdoor, and puts the iron bar through
the latch to hold it.  But as he begins to slide it, the bar twists in his
hand becoming a snake.  He tries to drop the snake from his hand, but it
coils around his arm and strikes.  In his struggle, Lord Drestyn spins
backward, loses his footing, and falls from the tower.  With a loud crunch,
he lands on some small bushes below.  His body remains motionless.

*** End Phantasm ***

The party runs downstairs outside to where the body is!

Lord Drestyn will reveal that he has constantly searched the manor and never found anything that binds him
here.  However, since he's never been able to reach the far east wing of the manor, perhaps something is in one of those rooms.

And so the party went back down into the Kitchen to start looking from there.

Manor, 2nd floor

The party began by going up the left entrance hall staircase to the second floor there. They then went went to the eastern door and opened it to the balcony in the Dining Hall (with stage). The balcony hugs the walls to the south and they did the upstairs rooms there. but got stuck in Room #33. They thought perhaps they should go home. As they left the manor and looked back, they realized that there was a second floor area beyond room #33. So they went back. Indeed they opened the area and found a small jade snake figurine and divined that it was an powerful evil Necromancy. There was much discussion over what to do. They finally decided to crush the figurine. And went to ask Lord Drestyn, but when he beheld the figurine, he fled and couldn't be found for another hour. They decided ot destroy it again, and crushed it. This broke the curse on Drestyn, but before he departed, he brought the party to the Library where a secret door was hidden. He gave them his treasure and left this earth, no longer shackled as a Restless Spirit. And there was much rejoicing.

Manor, Secret Area

 Among other paltry weapons and armor, they found the deed to the manor and surrounding lands.
Main Map

Manor (ground)

Manor (2nd floor)

Manor Basement Manor, Secret Area
Secret area

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