Dagder's Dungeon

    Library of Antiquities survey of Dagder's Dungeon done by Eterraa Glialon the Unforgiving:   This place is on the edge of the southern tip of the Jeralaid Mountains, going north off the easterly side of the Talen Quarry Road into the wilderness north of the Talen Regency. The report cites at least 60 owners over the years since the dungeon was discovered by Bertram Cogniff in 3023, who was digging a well and discovered the storage cellars instead.  While they can't discount there may be great treasures hidden there, more than likely whatever was stored is long ruined by water, monsters and/or claimed by local inhabitants as was evidenced by many broken storage urns, busted chests and dusted burlap sacks. They also drew the conclusion that due to its general monster and inhabitant population that this place may well empty out somewhere in the vast Underdark. While normal creatures were reported (i.e. goblins, ogres, giant spiders, young dragons) there were signs of unusual creatures suggestive of coming from Underdark (i.e. cloaker, mind flayer, various ooze). The survey was prepared over a 3 month period and is not complete. The reports states that each storehouse level is some 3000 X 3500 feet, more rectangle north to south than square (there is an attachment for maps, but maps are missing). They did not go below the 3rd level, though did report there was another entryway going lower. However, all evidence of Ancient architecture ends on the 3rd level and it's believed the Underdark encroached upon whatever cellars, if any, that remain below. The lower area in general was deemed too dangerous for all but experienced explorers, but otherwise the top two levels seemed good breaking ground for brave students. There is a notation made 5 years ago that a road to the site was connected to the Talen Quarry Road.

Westfall Continent

Dagder is a gnome of excellent personality and generally an all round good guy. He built a small bar around the gaping hole into darkness that has a basket to lower people into it large enough to fit a large creature on it. In conjunction, part of the bar has a store section for various adventurous needs and a small clinic with a nurse (half-elf, Sagial) who can tend most injuries. The place obviously caters to medium sized creatures. Dem gnomes eat good!

Now in addition to the great dungeon and bar, there is also Craftsmen workshop -- Something Else:   Todd, Marge, Gretchen, Thomas,  Lonstrator, Epsilon, Bretan, Salsidere, Bonzier
They make and do all sorts of magical items. Over their time here, they've managed to accumulate a Town.

The inside of Dagder's is rather straightforward, roomy but plain. Not a lot of extravagent woodworking but good solid functional furniture.

No doubt this place will be revisited, so this shall record any progress.

The  YELLOW circles are first to second level staircases.

Level 1

Level 2

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