City Street Map

This map isn't meant to be used as a street by street map of a city. It represents different urban environments in the Regency where players can be 'dropped' into to effectuate a city encounter. While it wasn't my intention to make it so large, it just ended up that way and this PNG gives the overall view for player gratification. 

The map itself was created by Campaign Cartographer. For those familiar, it allows close and far away views. I moved in so 5' squares were easy on the eyes, saved the section in PNG rectangles and dragged the pieces into RP Maptools. Because of my bumbling error, I actually missed a row of 5' squares and had to fudge strips to fill in. This map amounted to 118 sections. It zooms in and out nicely, which was something of surprise. There is also 'X' visual blocking on objects and buildings (example below). I dropped Wolph's Bag of Tricks (RP Maptool addon) into the campaign in order to be able to teleport players into any predesignated area I wish to set up. The Bag of Tricks is also redoing any Fog of War removal so its fresh every time I open it.

It does need to be pointed out that the city is presently covered with a foggy Mist (like the movie), which makes anything beyond 15 feet from any individual very difficult to see with any special vision impeded. It essentially gives concealment for D&D purposes with a 20% chance to miss being hit, which is why the example below seems small comparatively as players cut a 15' swatch as they move.